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A Professional Billing Service Specializing in the Legal Profession

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Legal Billing for
over 20 years

Client Billing Services Specialized for the Legal Profession

We Handle All Your Billing Needs.

We will pick up your time slips, prepare the client invoices, office copies, and mangement reports, and deliver them to you ready for the mail.

Sierra ProBill

We will provide you a monthly accounts receivable ledger that tracks all previous balances, charges, costs advanced payments received, as well as trust funds received and disburst. Management reports include case lists, payment list trust activity, hours billed and many others.

We will maintain the monthly billing history for up to two years.

All data is encrypted and internet communications are secure

Let us show you how we can automate your billing process to help improve the bottom line as well as cash flow.

We work with your office staff to ensure your bills are complete, accurate and in the mail on time every month.

Sierra ProBill    A Professional Billing Service Specializing in the Legal Profession
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